Get started with the IoT developer prototyping kit

Google has worked with Seeed Studio and to bring you a developer prototyping kit based on the new Seeed Studio BeagleBone Green Wireless board.

What's on board

This board includes:

  • New improvements to the original BeagleBone Green, including built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios.
  • A fully open-source hardware design.
  • Built in Grove connectors that enable prototyping without the need for soldering or complex breadboard work.
  • Built-in onboard flash that lets you use an SD card as fully removable storage.
  • A built-in PRU real-time co-processor that's well suited for certain industrial protocols.
  • Built in analog to digital conversion that's key for many IoT prototyping situations.

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Start the kit Demo

Use your phone

Want to get started while you wait for your board to arrive?
You can use your phone as a simulated device to view live sensor data.